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Linda Burks
Client Accounts Coordinator

Linda is a highly experienced and accomplished property tax professional with a wealth of knowledge in the field of state and local taxation. Her expertise in the inner workings of appraisal districts, assessors, and collectors allows her to efficiently manage, collect, and process tax-related information. As an Account Coordinator, Linda plays a vital role in coordinating consulting efforts, as well as handling assessor and client inquiries. She is also responsible for assisting with internal audits and correcting errors made by assessors and collectors.

Linda's professional journey began in administration, where she worked for the New Mexico State University Agricultural Department's Water Resources Management team. However, her passion for property tax took her to Texas, where she helped pioneer the private practice tax consulting industry. With over three decades of experience in the field, Linda spent most of her career with George McElroy & Associates before accepting a position with Vantage One in 2019, where she continues to excel in her role and make a positive impact for our clients.